From Drab to Fab: Before and After Home Design Transformations by Don’s Garden

Home design is about creating spaces that reflect comfort, personality, and functionality. At Don’s Garden, we take pride in transforming everyday spaces into spectacular places to live and enjoy. Here, we showcase several remarkable transformations that reveal how spaces can turn from drab to fab with expert touch and thoughtful design.

The Urban Living Room Redo

Before: The living room was cramped, with dated furniture and dim lighting that made the space feel unwelcome and cluttered.

After: We brightened the area by choosing a light, neutral colour palette. Modern, multifunctional furniture was introduced to maximise the use of space, and strategic lighting was installed to give the room a warm, inviting glow.

Impact: The living room is now a vibrant hub of activity, where light bounces off reflective surfaces, making the room appear spacious and lively.

The Backyard Bliss Transformation

Before: The backyard was an overgrown jungle, hardly conducive for relaxation or entertainment.

After: We cleared the area, installed new, easy-to-maintain landscaping, and introduced a simple yet elegant patio area with comfortable seating. A small water feature was added to create a focal point and a soothing ambience.

Impact: The backyard has turned into a tranquil retreat perfect for hosting gatherings or simply enjoying a quiet afternoon outdoors.

The Kitchen Makeover

Before: The kitchen was outdated with worn-out cabinetry and an inefficient layout that made cooking a chore rather than a pleasure.

After: We installed modern cabinets with plenty of storage and incorporated new, energy-efficient appliances. The layout was redesigned for easy flow and functionality.

Impact: Cooking and socialising in the kitchen is now a delight, with everything conveniently placed and a fresh, modern look that revitalises the whole house.


These transformations are just a few examples of how Don’s Garden can revitalise any space. Each project we undertake is a new opportunity to blend functionality with style, ensuring each renovation or redesign not only meets but exceeds our clients’ expectations. By focusing on both aesthetics and usability, we ensure that every home design project we complete is as beautiful as it is liveable.

Ready to transform your space? Contact Don’s Garden today, and let us turn your home from drab to fab!