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Frithia pulchra Fairy Elephant Feet


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This plant is from South Africa and needs gritty, well drained soil containing a small amount of organic material. They can be sown from seed sown in a gritty sandstone (acid) medium or propagated vegetatively. They can be grown in pots or out of doors in a rockery. Frithia is said to love water, but when I watered this one after planting out it seems thatt it was too much and some of the leaves split. Under-watering is said to lead to disastrous results, so be generous with water in summer and refrain from any water in winter except as a light misting. As F. pulchra is listed as vulnerable in the wild, please make sure that you acquire Frithia plants from reputable sources where they have been propagated in nurseries and not collected illegally from the wild.

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