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Rhipsalis capilliformis Cactus Pendulus


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This plant has many synonyms including Rhipsalis tetragona, Rhipsalis maricaensis, Rhipsalis penduliflora, Rhipsalis prismatica, Hariota prismatica, Rhipsalis teres, Cactus pendulus, Rhipsalis pendula, Hariota riedeliana, Rhipsalis virgata, Rhipsalis heteroclada, Rhipsalis clavellina, Rhipsalis riedeliana, Rhipsalis teres, Cactus teres, Hariota teres, Rhipsalis gracilis, Rhipsalis capilliformis, Hariota conferta, Rhipsalis conferta, Rhipsalis cribrata, Hariota cribrata, Erythrorhipsalis cribrata, Rhipsalis floribunda, Rhipsalis alboareolata. I do not know much about this plant as I have just bought it. It should stand temperatures down to 0 degrees Centigrade if protected by overhanging Trees or protection. I think the full name is Rhipsalis teres forma capilliformis. It is very similar to R. cereuscula.

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