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Bulbine frutescens Cats Tail[3]


Summer to Autumn

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It is a reasonably fast growing, branched, succulent perennial with fleshy, linear green leaves in opposite rows and clasping the stems at the base. It forms spreading clumps with greyish stems often bearing adventitious roots. The small 6-petaled star shaped flowers are carried on an upright, spreading raceme from late spring to frost. The petals are either yellow or sometimes orange, which combines attractively with the fluffy yellow stamens which gives it a bi-coloured look. It would be Ideal for a dry area ground cover.

S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[1] S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[2] S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[3]

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