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Bulbine frutescens Cats Tail[1]


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Bulbine frutescens (syn. B. caulescens), a succulent plant native to South Africa. It produces branching, trailing stems of long, thin, succulent leaves, with elongating spikes of yellow flowers throughout most of the year. The flowers of bulbines are distinctive on account of their hairy stamens. An orange-flowered cultivar called ‘Hallmark’ is commonly grown. It makes excellent groundcover in hot dry areas. It is said that it is not frost hardy, but I have grown it outside in this country where it needs well-drained soil and as much light as possible. The juice from the cut leaves is well-known in South Africa as a general purpose ointment for all sorts of skin rashes, burns, bites and blisters, having similar properties to aloes. Other commmon names of Bulbine frutescens are Cat's Tail or Orange African Bulbine or Rankkopieva or Snake Flower or Stalked Bulbine or Bulbine caulescens

S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[1] S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[2] S_bulbine_frutescens-c_cats_tail[3]

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