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Cardamine hirsuta Hairy bittercress


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This plant is pernicious weed and only takes a few weeks to produce hundreds of seeds that spreads this weed. Other names are Small Bittercerss, Common Bittercress, Hoary Bittercress, Popping Cress, Pennsylvania Bittercress, Jumping Jesus, Flick Weed. It is easy to pull up but needs to be caught before it produces flowers and seeds. In its own rights it is a very pretty plant. An annual or occasional biennial when germinated late . It is an ephemeral plant that can mature and produce seed quickly, giving rise to several generations in a year. As it is a member of the Cruciferae Family and related to the Mustards, the leaves are milder in flavour to Rocket, but make a tangy addition to a salad. The seed capsules explode at the slightest touch when they are mature, dispersing their contents widely.

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