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Arundo donax versicolor Spanish Cane


Summer to Winter

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A Bamboo-like grass with large white striped green foliage and purple spikes in autumn also known as Striped Giant reed. Height from 6 feet(2m) Grows best in moist conditions in full sun. Cut back hard each year in the spring. Dies back to ground level and can take temperatures a few degrees below zero as long as it is mulched very well and frost is kept away from the roots. This is the verigated species of Arundo donax. It can grow to in excess of ten feet. It is not hardy and originate from the Mediterranean. Its quick growth is enabling trials to be conducted as to its suitability for bio fuels in Florida. The large strap leaves should add interest to most gardens.

S_arundo_donax_versicolor-c_spanish_cane S_arundo_donax_versicolor-c_spanish_cane[2]

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