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Prunus persica Nectarina Nectarine



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Nectarine is a variant of the peach with a smooth skin. Propagation and growth are the same. The Nectarine tree has beautiful pink flowers early in March before the frost is over. If the frost gets to the flowers or it is too dry or you spray for peach leaf curl they will not set fruit. This plant is a grafted tree which is grown in a pot and does not reach more than about three feet in height. At flowering time I polinate each flower with a soft brush as there are little or no pollinators about at this time of the year. On a large tree a good vibrating shake can do the same job.

S_prunus_persica_nectarina-c_nectarine S_prunus_persica_nectarina-c_nectarine[2[ S_prunus_persica_nectarina-c_nectarine[3]

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