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Dianella tasmanica Flax Lily


Late Summer

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This plant has not flowered as yet, but blue flowers are very pretty. It is an evergreen and grows up to about 2ft(30cm). high, slowly spreading to form small thickets. The sprays of bright blue flowers in summer are followed by large dramatic metallic looking blue berries that hold for a long time. Best with some shade or cool sun. These brilliant purple fruits of Dianella really stands out in the front garden. It has taken a couple of years for it to start flowering and although the flowers are not spectacular the fruits certainly are. The colour of the berries suggest that they are poisonous, but I cannot find any evidence for this some people think they are not poisonous and others say some species are poisonous.

S_dianella_tasmanica-c_flax_lily S_dianella_tasmanica-c_flax_lily[2] S_dianella_tasmanica-c_flax_lily[3]

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