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Tolmiea menziesii Pick A Back Plant


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This plant does not like the sun as tit may scorch the leaves. This makes it a good ground cover, but it may also become a weed like the Buttercup. It's flowers are racemes of brownish-purple flowers like most Saxifragias. It is not frost hardy, but it produces so many plantlets that it is easy to overwinter some. With some mulching it may survive in a sheltered spot. In 2006 it survived outside, with a covering of bubble-wrap, and has ground covered an area that is difficult to grow anything in.

S_tolmiea_menziesii-c_pick_a_back_plant S_tolmiea_menziesii-c_pick_a_back_plant[2] S_tolmiea_menziesii-c_pick_a_back_plant[3]

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