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Ornithogalum caudatum False Sea Onion


Late Spring

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I was given some small bulbs by a friend. They turned out to be these False Sea Onion. It took about three years for it to reach this size. Its long hanging strap leaves gave great interest under the fonds of the tree fern. It seemed to like the position and grew and flower even better.The flower head is also pretty with lots of white star shaped flowers, with green stripes forming an arrowhead. It is said that it was utilized in the past for medicinal purposes. Crushed leaves were tied over cuts and bruises to speed healing, and the bulb was cooked into a syrup with rock candy to cure colds.

S_ornithogalum_caudatum-c_false_sea_onion S_ornithogalum_caudatum-c_false_sea_onion[5]

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