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Tropaeolum tuberosum Nastrusum Tuberosum


Autumn to Winter

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This Nastursum is a vigorous climber which flowers in October. The leaves are small version of the common Nastursum and is quite ornimental. It appears to be hardy, but I protect the tubers with mulch after the frost has killed the stems and leaves. The cooked tubers are said to have a peppery taste and is used as a food crop in the andes. The tuber is considered to be an anaphrodisiac in the Andes, reducing sexual desire.

S_tropaeolum_tuberosum-c_nastrusum_tuberosum S_tropaeolum_tuberosum-c_nastrusum_tuberosum[2] S_tropaeolum_tuberosum-c_nastrusum_tuberosum[3]

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