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Tagetes patula French Marigold[2]


Summer to Winter

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These magnificient plants flower themselves to death all summer and autumn. They have even been known to self seed themselves. Some people hate the smell, but I love it. Crush the leaves and the scent is powerful. The difference between the ordinary and the diploid types can be clearly seen in this photograph. The top plants are the diploid and are larger, more open growth and does not need debudding as the ordinary Tagetes. Debudding marigold is a calming task as the smell wafts all about you. I sometimes totaly debud them to make wine and in two days they are flowering again. This is the only place where I can keep marigold as the slugs and snails just love them.

S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold[2] S_tagetes_patula-c_french_marigold[3]

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