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Dichorisandra thyrsiflora Blue Ginger


Autumn to Winter

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This plant is commonly called the " Blue Ginger" this plant is not a true ginger, but it does resembles ginger in growth and habit.
It belongs to Commelinaceae family of plants, which includes the Tradescantia. It is an evergreen perennial herb which requires like most gingers filtered sunlight. It is clump forming and gradually spreads in width.
It is best to position it in a partially shady place, where it can enjoy direct sunlight only during the coolest hours of the day.
It is native to the tropical woodlands of North, Central and South America. Of the family Commelinaceae they are cultivated for their striking blue flowers.
I grow mine in an unheated conservatory where the temperature goes down to at least 5C in well drained soil, which is kept moist during the growing period.
It starts to flower late in the autumn, but this might be because it does not receive enough light.

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