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Rosa Rose Orange


Spring to Autumn

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This rose was in the garden when I bought the house. It starts out reddish yellow and then turns orange for a few days. It is a beautiful rose, but not a prolific flowering rose. I opten only get two floushes of flowers in a year. Most of my roses are old and I allow them to grow tall then I can under-plant with other plants.

S_rosa____-c_miniture_rose S_rosa____-c_rose_hip S_rosa____-c_rose_orange S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_pink S_rosa____-c_rose_pink[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red S_rosa____-c_rose_red[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[4] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[5] S_rosa____-c_rose_white S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[3]

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