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Prosthantera rotundiflolia Mint Bush[2]L.JPG



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This strongly fragant leaved bush gives an excellent display in spring and fot the rest of the year its leaves are decorative. It is not fully hardy, but this one has grown on a south facing wall for thr past four to five years. The best time to prune it into shape is just after it has flowered, but too heavy a pruning may set it back. It does not like its roots to be too wet in the winter and at the time of writing this mine has suffered a severe root die back. This is either due to being heavily shaded, wrong soil or being too wet.

S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[1] S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[2]l S_prosthantera_rotundiflolia-c_mint_bush[3]l

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