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Oxalis crassipes Pink Wood Sorrel-DUP1.JPG


Spring to Autumn

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This plant is ideal for the garden or pots. It tolerates shade and will flower continously from early spring until frost. Although it is a continously flowering bulbous to rhizomatous plant it has major flushes of flower. It is easily propagated by snapping off the rhizome and potting it up. Rooting power will help. Also allowing it to dry for a day or so may stop rotting. It will stand drying out, but prefers a moist free draining soil. It will grow in any soil.

S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel-dup1 S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[2] S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[3] S_oxalis_crassipes-c_pink_wood_sorrel[4]_dup6

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