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Hoya Carnosa Wax plant[1]


Late Summer

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There are several species of Hoya. The carnosa is a light pink colour which produces these hemispheric balls of flowers with copious amounts of nectar and a most sensational scent in the evenings. The flowers looks just as if they have been made out of wax hence its common name. Hoya is what I call a semi-epiphyte with pseudo roots on the stems, which in its native E. Asia allows it to cling to trees and rocks. When growing in soil these roots rarely develop any lenght. This makes it easy to propagate from cuttings in water or soil. It prefers a neutral to slightly acid soil. This large specimin has been growing undisturbed in the same pot for the last ten years.

S_hoya_carnosa-c_wax_plant[1] S_hoya_carnosa-c_wax_plant[2] S_hoya_carnosa-c_wax_plant[3]

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