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Protea cynaroides King Protea[1]


Summer to Autumn

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This Flower is made up of many individual flowers. What looks like petals are actually bracts. It is the national flower of South Africa and is very unusual and beautiful. The plant is extremely difficult to grow and flower year after year here in London. It is prone to sudden death. Even Kew Gardens, when they were first introduced in 1775 by Francis Masson, took nearly 30 years to get it to flower and then not again until 1986.

S_protea_cynaroides-c_king_protea[1] S_protea_cynaroides-c_king_protea[2] S_protea_cynaroides-c_king_protea[3] S_protea_cynaroides-c_king_protea[4] S_protea_cynaroides-c_king_protea[5]

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