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Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger[3]


Early Autumn

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This is another view of the Ginger Lily's flowerhead. It is about five feet tall. Its yellow and white flowers with red pistils and large, light green, glaucous, lanceolet leaves contrasts well with the reddish brown leaves of the Canna. This plant flowers at the terminial of each shoot when it reaches about 4 to 5 feet(~1.3mtrs), Each shoot starts like the Cannas start from the rhizome.

S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[2] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[3] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[4]

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