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Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger[2]


Early Autumn

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This photograph shows the delicate and striking flowerheads of this ginger. There are many other gingers with different flowers, but this one is hard to beat. It comes from the Himalayas and the pasific islands where it can become a strong weed, replacing other plants or even forests. It csn be used to stablise enbankments as its rhizomes are strong and roots deep. Here the leaves of this Ginger lily contrasts well with the red of the Canna.

S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[2] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[3] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[4]

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