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Hedychium gardnerianum Kahili Ginger


Early Autumn

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I bought this ginger mainly for the leaves to compliment the Cannas. What a delight it was when it flowered the following year. It survives outside being wrapped up with the crown protected, but in the spring most of the stems rotted. Like the cannas the new shoots grew fast and flowered in august. After splitting it did not flower the following year and I took it inside to over-winter when all the stems survived. I am now looking forward to masses of flowers earlier this year.

S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[2] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[3] S_hedychium_gardnerianum-c_kahili_ginger[4]

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