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Summer to Winter

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I love this hanging Fuchia what a sight to look up to from the front garden, Hanging down against the wall is the left over leaves of the dutch Iris. Also flowering is a wild Feverfew which I allowed to grow as it sets off the other plants well. Also flowering are Petunias, Anthirrinum, Day lily,Geranium and the Calla lily.

S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[1]-dup4 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[2]-dup31 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[3] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[4] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[5]-dup13 S_fuchsia_boliviana-c_fuchsia_tropical S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens[2]

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