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Summer to Winter

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Here the fushia is in full flower and the Ivy Leaf Geranium is taking a rest from flowering. The ligh green verigated leaves of the Variegated Japanese Silver Grass really sets off the Fuchia and Geranium when they are in flower. The post holding up the pot is an old disused A frame from my hang glider. It is made od aircraft aluminum and will not corrode or tarnish.

S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[1]-dup4 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[2]-dup31 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[3] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[4] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[5]-dup13 S_fuchsia_boliviana-c_fuchsia_tropical S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens[2]

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