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Summer to Winter

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This Fuchia is in a pot on a pole to raise it off the ground. It is several years old and stays outside in winter. It is planted with Ivy Leaf Geranium 'Rouletta'. About to burst into flower is Honeysuckle. The Rose was in the garden when I bought the house. I allow the Rose to grow tall and flower above the other climbers. With this rose I have great difficulty in controlling mildew every year. Below this rose tree is the ferns.

S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[1]-dup4 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[2]-dup31 S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[3] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[4] S_fuchsia____-c_fuchsia[5]-dup13 S_fuchsia_boliviana-c_fuchsia_tropical S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens S_fuchsia_fulgens-c_fuchsia_fulgens[2]

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