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Fuchsia boliviana Fuchsia Tropical


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This plant was given to me by Tim Cox a gardening writer. It is a tropical fuchsia and have to be brought inside for the winter. It grows well outside from late Spring to Autumn. Unfortunately I think it only flowers once in early spring so far.
It is a is a gorgeous, rare species that is a delight! It is said to flower throughout the year, but for me it only flowers in the spring and then the rest of the year it produces leaves. It produce pendulous fruits and the flowers that continue to open from the base to the tip of the flower raceme in a stunning combination of pure white and fluorescent red. The trumpet-shaped blooms open progressively down the cluster over a long time, followed by tasty, green fruits! This tree-like Fuchsia comes from the Andes, where it grows over 15 feet tall! It's lush, oversized leaves give it a great "rainforest" look.
The Bolivian Fuchsia grows in the cool cloud forests, where it doesn't freeze, but it also doesn't get very hot. It might not thrive in areas that are consistently hot, particularly if nights are warm. If other Fuchsias are grown in your area, you should be able to grow this one. It is said that it can only handle a few degrees of frost, but I do not take any chance and bring it inside for the winter. It prefers tree-filtered sun, or morning sun + bright shade.
The ancient Incas cultivated this exotic plant centuries ago, and the fruits are still sold in South American markets. They taste sort of like Kiwi fruit, but not as sweet.

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