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This is one of the first photographs of the garden I have. It shows the Wisteria spreading along the guttering on both mine and my neighbours house. Unfortunately a Wisteria gets too vigorous and started to rip the guttering and the down pipes away from the house. After too heavy a pruning it eventually died and As it could have been honey fungus that killed it I never replanted it at that spot. I now have a less vigorous grafted one by the gate archway. Also I have added the baskets hanging points by drilling a length of steel into the wall no brackets needed.

S_front_gardena-c_front_garden41995 S_front_gardenb-c_front_garden52000 S_front_gardenc-c_front_garden52001 S_front_gardencc-c_front_garden32001 S_front_gardend-c_front_garden62002 S_front_gardene-c_front_garden62002 S_front_gardenf-c_front_garden72002e S_front_gardeng-c_front_garden72002w S_front_gardengg-c_front_garden32003 S_front_gardenh-c_front_garden62004 S_front_gardeni-c_front_garden22007 S_front_gardenj-c_front_garden82007 S_front_gardenk-c_front_garden92007 S_front_gardenl-c_front_garden72008 S_front_gardenm-c_front_garden82009 S_front_gardenn-c_front_garden92009 S_front_gardeno-c_front_garden72010 S_front_gardenp-c_front_garden72011 S_front_gardenq-c_front_garden82012 S_front_gardenr-c_front_garden82013 S_front_gardens-c_front_garden82014 S_front_gardent-c_front_garden112015

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