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This photograph was taken in June 2004. The Brugmansia is in flower. Begonias, petunias, Geranium and Fuchia is in flower. The Calla lily has stopped flowering. The Cobea scandens are climbing to the roof of the house. The Canna and the Solanum wendlandii are also flowering. So is the Oxalis in the basket, the Bourganvilla and the Climbing Rose.

S_front_roofa-c_front_roof42002 S_front_roofb-c_front_roof72002 S_front_roofc-c_front_roof82002 S_front_roofd-c_front_roof82002 S_front_roofe-c_front_roof52003 S_front_rooff-c_front_roof62004

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