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Here you can see the cincinnus nature of these large Cannas. They continue producing new flowers from the axis of the old flowers until the frost knocks it back in December. Staking is of course essential if the wind is not to snap the stem or flowerheads. The Petunias on the roof are also giving their usual magnificient displays. If you look carefully you can also see the Feverfew which is allowed to grow and produce their mass of daisy type white and yellow flowers.

S_front_roofa-c_front_roof42002 S_front_roofb-c_front_roof72002 S_front_roofc-c_front_roof82002 S_front_roofd-c_front_roof82002 S_front_roofe-c_front_roof52003 S_front_rooff-c_front_roof62004

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