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Eucomis bicolor Pinapple flower


Summer to Winter

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This is a South African native and it is easy to start from seed or ofsets if the bulb is cut into pieces, but it can take two to five years before the bulb reaches blooming size. After the blossoms fade, the seed capsules carry on the show from spring to autumn. This handsome bulb is great in the perennial border. The flowers are excellent as cut flowers with a long vase-life. Its stem bears a raceme of pale green, star-shaped flowers with maroon edged tepals. A tuft of green bracts at the top of the flower makes the cluster of flowers resemble a pineapple.

S_eucomis_bicolor-c_pinapple_flower S_eucomis_bicolor-c_pinapple_flower[2] S_eucomis_bicolor-c_pinapple_flower[3]

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