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Eremurus robustus Foxtail Lily


Early Summer

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This is a spectacular flowering plant, with a flowering raceme that can reach ten feet. The strap leaves are up to 3 feet(1mtr). It is good plant for double planting as after flowering in late spring early summer the plant dies down and appear in the following spring. I grow it in a large pot with one of the less vigorous Cannas like picasso which starts to grow in late spring. There are many other Eremurus, but this is the tallest and I think the most spectacular of the eremurus. In front of the Eremurus you can see the Protea and the Yucca in bud.

S_eremurus_robustus-c_foxtail_lily S_eremurus_robustus-c_foxtail_lily[2]

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