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Dicksonia antartica Tree Fern[2]


Summer to Autumn

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Tree ferns require special attention as it is a tender plant. It will withstand frost if it can be kept aray from the crown. I have tried several methods to prevent the frost from damaging the fronds in order to have more healthy fronds the following year. This included making a giant umbrella with wrap around sheets all to no avails. I have now started to bring it indoors in the winter. This large specimen recovers well with a flush of new leaves every year so far. Thgese giant plants needs very little root space therefore I can use a relatively small pot.

S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern[2] S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern[3] S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_ferndup21

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