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Dicksonia antartica Tree FernDUP21


Summer to Autumn

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When young these ferns needs a large area as its leaves can grow up to ten feet in a circular pattern. They only grow a few inches in height every year and therefore uses the space for several years. As most of the roots are in the mass of dead leaf petioles. They can be bought in any height you require. At today(2005) prices expect to pay around 25 pounds per foot. I put fine leaf mould in the crown as well as watering it copiously throughout the year. Rain water is best, but it seems to do all right with hard water.

S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern[2] S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_fern[3] S_dicksonia_antartica-c_tree_ferndup21

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