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Cercis siliguastrum Judas tree[2].JPG



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In spring this tree produces masses of leguminous flowers, some directly from the bark. It is a sight to behold. This one has been grown in pots all its life and took about 8 years to flower. In the ground it would flower earlier and although it is very slow growing once it has reached a certain size it starts to grow faster. This one provides privacy in my front room from passerbys. After the flowers comes the round leaves then the seed pods which dry on the bark until the next year. See the last picture below.

S_cercis_siliguastrum-c_judas_tree[2] S_cercis_siliguastrum-c_judas_tree[3]dup34 S_cercis_siliguastrum-c_judas_tree[4] S_cercis_siliquastrum-c_judas_tree[1]

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