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Callistemon citrinus Australian Bottle Brush[2]


Early Summer

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This picture shows Callistemon in June in full flower. It also shows the young red leaves. If the autumn is warm until late Callistemon tries to flower in the spring. The flower buds develop before winter and open in the spring. It then flowers again in June. The flowers are so delicate and bright red that it is a stunning shrub when in full flower.

S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[2] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[3] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[4] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[5]

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