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Callistemon citrinus Australian Bottle Brush


Early Summer

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There are many colours and varieties of this Australian plant. It is hardy here in london and is a regualar blooming schrub. Like this one it can be trained as a half standard. When in bloom the flowers are magnificient and the bees love to come and collect the yellow pollen. In the spring the young leaves are almost redwhich adds to the charm of this schrub. There are special pruning requirements. (see elswhere)

S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[2] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[3] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[4] S_callistemon_citrinus-c_australian_bottle_brush[5]

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