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Miscanthus sinensis variegatus Variegated Japanese Silver Grass[3]


Spring to Winter

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This is a beautiful Ornimental grass. It blends in very well with its surroundings. It grows up to ablut 6 feet(2mtrs). The flower heads are puffy plumes that form in late summer to fall and make good cut or dried flowers. The leaves also adds shape and colour to any flower arrangement. The clumps are very tough to separate when splitting. It flowers late in the autumn. It does not seem to like being too wet later in the year.

S_miscanthus_sinensis_variegatus-c_variegated_japanese_silver_grass[3] S_miscanthus_sinensis_variegatus-c_variegated_japanese_silver_grass_dup12 S_miscanthus_sinensis_variegatus-c_variegated_japanese_silver_grass_dup13

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