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Agave americana marginata Agave Americana Marginata


Spring to Winter

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This variety is more tender than the blue A.americana which is used to produce Tequila in Mexico. I have to bring it inside and repot every two years or so. As it grows larger it looks more architectural and more beautiful. If and when it flowers the plant will die, but by which time it will have produce many suckers which can be grown on to new plants. Here I place it on a stand which accentuates the architectural nature of the plant. It also prevents it from getting too wet which may rot the leaves or plant. The leaves also do not touch the ground which also prevents rotting. In its present spot it helps to hide the compost bin and the pot of the tree fern.

S_agave_americana_marginata-c_agave_americana_marginata S_agave_americana_marginata-c_agave_americana_marginata[2] S_agave_americana_marginata-c_agave_americana_marginata[3]

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