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Aechmea fasciata Vase Plant[2]


Summer to Autumn

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After flowering this Bromlaid produces many offshoots each of which can generate a new plant. When left to its own devices the new offshoots will flower, but the original plant will not flower again. The ideal position for this plant is under the fronds of the tree fern. The roots could be left to dry out between watering but the cups in the leaves should be kept moist. as this is where it gets most of its requirements.

S_aechmea_fasciata-c_vase_plant S_aechmea_fasciata-c_vase_plant[2] S_aechmea_fasciata-c_vase_plant[3] S_aechmea_fasciata-c_vase_plant[4]

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