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Nephantes miranda Pitcher Plant


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I think this Nepenthes is less hardy than N.ventricosa, but I am not sure. I have only had it for a few months now. The main problem will be to keep the humidity high or there will be no new Pitchers produced. The main part of this Pitcher plant is receiving no nourishment from the roots as the stem was broken when I bought it and has since died. Being epiphytic it does not rely on its roots for nourishment. In areas where there lots of flies it should be able to provide its own nourishment, but as there are little flies in my back conservatory I am feeding it with a weak fertilizer in the pitchers themselves and spraying the leaves regularly. So far this seems to be working. and it has shown no sign of distress. It has even produced a flower spike and I am looking forward to some flowers, but alas no seed as it is diecieous and need a male and female plant to produce seeds.

S_nephantes_miranda-c_pitcher_plant S_nephantes_miranda-c_pitcher_plant[2]

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