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Epiphyllum Leaf Cacti


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This Epiphyllum was given to me by my friend Dikon as a cutting and it has taken about 2 years to flower. I was pleasantly surprised by the abundance of flowers on each stem. It has stood by my front door in a tiny clay pot all this time and is now about 60cm high.
Epiphyllums have leafless flattened stems which act as the plant's photosynthetic organs. Large flowers are borne on the sides of the stems, usually from each node.
They are easily propagated from cuttings, which should be allowed to dry for a couple of days before applying rooting hormone powder and planted in free draining soil. It should be watered and kept moist.
The plant can be allowed to dry out as it is an epiphyte which grows in the branches of trees and perhaps rocks. It needs shading from strong sunlight and feeding in the growing period and little or no fertiliser in the winter resting period.
It will not survive frost but can stand temperatures down to 3C if kept dry.

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