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Angels_Trumpet_White[3] - Brugmansia_souveolens_white


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The effort given to this tree is certainly wort it. Apart from repotting and pruning every year. A constant watch must be kept for red spider mite. This mite spreads rapidly on its large soft leaves. The leaves turn yellow and drops off and the flowering is affected when the mite gets numerous. The leaves alone are archetectural and can easily reach 9 inches to one feet if the tree is given plenty of water in the growing season.

S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[4]_dup12 S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[1] S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[4]

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