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These are all the different Angels Trumpet in the garden


Angels_Trumpet_White[2] - Brugmansia_souveolens_white


Summer to Autumn

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These large flowers produce the most delicate and wonderful scent. They are produced in flushes up to about three times a year if given winter protection. Although there are usually one or two flowers constantly open during summer and autumn. Each flower only last for about 3 to four days, but are continually produced during each flush and through the growing season.

S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[4]_dup12 S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[1] S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[4]

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