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These are all the different Angels Trumpet in the garden


Angels_Trumpet_White[4] - Brugmansia_souveolens_white


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Just imagine the scene sitting in the jacuzzi under the overhanging flowers which are producing their wonderful scent and all the hard work and effort this tree has given you pales into insignificance. I dig this tree up in early December and take it indoors until all frost is gone. Then it is pruned hard, repotted and replanted. It is fed reguarly and watered well during the growing season .

S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[4]_dup12 S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[1] S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[4]

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