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Angels_Trumpet_White - Brugmansia_souveolens_white


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This tender tree is now about four years old. Every year I dig it up in its pot and take it inside. I dig away some of the soil and put fresh soil in its place. In the spring before setting out I prune heavily. This tree will easily grow to four feet in its first year and even faster as it gets older. It needs plenty of water and rich soil to produce its best. The scent it produces when it is in flower fills the garden with a glorious smell.

S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[4]_dup12 S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[1] S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[4]

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