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Angels_Trumpet_Yellow[3] - Brugmansia_souveolens_yellow


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These beautiful scented flowers are abundantly produced in flushes during the year. The yellowing of the leaves are often a sign of red spider attack. A constant watch should be kept for this pest. The tree easily recovers if given plenty of water and feed after the pest is erradicated. The branches although are strong are easily snapped like a tomatoe plant. It is easily propagated from cuttings.

S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_yellow-c_angels_trumpet_yellow[4]_dup12 S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[1] S_brugmansia_souveolens_pink-c_angels_trumpet_pink[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[2] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[3] S_brugmansia_souveolens_white-c_angels_trumpet_white[4]

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