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Rose_Yellow[3] - Rosa____


Spring to Autumn

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This hybred tea rose is one of my plantings. After bursting out of the bud stage it has red edges like the previous yellow rose. It then turns yellow when fully open.

S_rosa____-c_miniture_rose S_rosa____-c_rose_hip S_rosa____-c_rose_orange S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_orange[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_pink S_rosa____-c_rose_pink[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red S_rosa____-c_rose_red[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[3] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[4] S_rosa____-c_rose_red[5] S_rosa____-c_rose_white S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[2] S_rosa____-c_rose_yellow[3] S_rosa_oklahoma-c_climbing_rose S_rosa_oklahoma-c_climbing_rose[2] S_rosa_peace-c_peace_rose S_rosa_peace-c_peace_rose[2] S_rosa_peace-c_peace_rose[3]

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