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Abutilon_Kentish_Belle - Abutilon_Kentish_Belle


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Another of the many Abutilon species is this one. The beautiful brown and yellow flowers are continually produced until just before the frost. This species is semi-hardy and can stand short spells at zero degrees centigrade, but does best if given some winter protection. This one grows well as a shrub climbing through other supporting shrub. It can also be trained to climb up trellis like a climber.

S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering-maple S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering_maple[2] S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering_maple[3] S_abutilon_kentish_belle-c_abutilon_kentish_belle S_abutilon_kentish_belle-c_abutilon_kentish_belle[2] S_abutilon_megapotamicum-c_trailing_abutilon S_abutilon_megapotamicum-c_trailing_abutilon[3] S_abutilon_megapotamicum_verigata-c_trailing_abutilon[2] S_abutilon_boule_de_neige-c_flowering_maple[4] S_abutilon____-c_abutilon____

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