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Flowering-Maple - Abutilon_pictum


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Abutilon is one of those genera of plants that gardens seems to have many species of. The species are varied in shape and form of the plants and flowers. In my garden I have about four species. Most are semi-hardy and can stand short spells at zero degrees centigrage, but does best if given some winter protection. This species seems to be much more temperamental than the white flowering variety. and takes a longer time to recover after the winter. See the next picture below for more information.

S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering-maple S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering_maple[2] S_abutilon_pictum-c_flowering_maple[3] S_abutilon_kentish_belle-c_abutilon_kentish_belle S_abutilon_kentish_belle-c_abutilon_kentish_belle[2] S_abutilon_megapotamicum-c_trailing_abutilon S_abutilon_megapotamicum-c_trailing_abutilon[3] S_abutilon_megapotamicum_verigata-c_trailing_abutilon[2] S_abutilon_boule_de_neige-c_flowering_maple[4] S_abutilon____-c_abutilon____

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