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These are all the different Semperviviums in the garden


Houseleek[2] - Sempervivium____



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This is a tough hardy evergreen succulent plant. It can withstang blazing sun and dryness of tiled roof. This is probable where it got its common name from. Its flowers are typical sedum type flowers which are produced in spring to early summer. The flower stalk rises from the rosette of leaves and are usually pink. There are produced on a succulent raceme with the flowers being sessile around raceme.

S_sempervivum_tectorum-c_houseleek S_sempervivum_arachnoideum_rubin-c_houseleek S_sempervivum_arachnoideum_rubin-c_houseleek[2] S_sempervivium____-c_houseleek S_sempervivium____-c_houseleek[2]

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